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Differences among the Siberian Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat and Main Coon

I've added some comparison pictures below this chart, click on them to get a larger view. They're somewhat large, so they might take a few to load.

Siberian Maine Coon Norwegian Forest
Head Large, broad modified wedge with gentle rounded contours. Nose is broad between eyes with narrowing toward tip. Slight concave curvature to nose profile. Top of head is flat; forehead is domed. Medium in width with high cheek bones. Squareness in muzzle; medium length nose. Triangular shape which should be as long as broad. Medium to long wedge-shaped nose. Flat forehead. More of a square profile with the nose a straight line.
Ears Medium long, wide at base with rounded tip. Set 1 to 1 1/2 ear widths apart and tilting forward. Set almost as much on the sides as on the top of the head. Large, wide at base and tapered to a point. Set high and well apart. Medium to large, slightly rounded at tip. Spaced wider and tiled more forward. Set as much on sides as on the top of head.
Eyes Large, almost oval. Wide set with outer corner slightly angled toward the lower base of ear. Large, wide set. Slight oblique angle. Large, almond shaped. Set at slight angle.
Neck Medium long, rounded and well muscled. Medium long Medium to short.
Body Heavy, moderately long and substantial with rump slightly higher than withers. Back slightly arched. Convex muscular torso and compact belly with age. Large, long and muscular; rectangular. Medium length with rump higher.
Legs Moderately long with heavy boning and musculature. Hind legs longer. Large round feet. Toe tufts desirable. Medium length. Substantial and wide set. Toe tufts. Medium length with hind legs longer. Toe tufts.
Coat Moderately long to long on body, slightly shorter on shoulders and chest. Full ruff in adults. Oily, water resistant coat when ungroomed. Tight undercoat (Better in cold). Medium long flowing tail. Moderately long to long on body; should fur shorter. Full ruff on adults. All weather coat. Full britches and long flowing tail. Moderately long to long on body; shorter on shoulders and on chest. Full ruff on adults. Double coat. Long and smooth with oily guard hairs. Long flowing tail.

All colors accepted in all three breeds with the exception of pointed colors in Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coons.

Head View, all 3 cats

A good sketch of the heads, Maine Coon, Siberian, and Norwegian forest cat.

Main Coon body and head View

Maine Coon

Siberian, Body and Head view


Norwegian Forest, body view

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest, head Side view, norwegian forest cat

Side view of Norwegian forest cat, and frontal view 1/2 with hair, 1/2 without