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Siberian History

The Siberian cat was first introduced in the United States in 1990. The initial kittens were imported by Elizabeth Terrill. She traded Himalayan kittens for Siberian kittens with a Russian breeder. They arrived on June 28, 1990. There names were KALIOSTRO, OFELIA, and NAINA of STARPOINT. Look for these names in your pedigree.

There were no historic records kept in Russia about these cats until 1987 when the KOTOFEI was established. If you plan to import a kitten, be sure that it is exported with a Metrika, Seal, and with specific signatures from a recognized registry and a member breeder. You will also need a copy of a 3 generation pedigree.

The cats have been shown in Europe as well as Russia. They were recognized for Championship Class in the US by TICA in May of 1997.

The Siberian is large cat and may take up to 5 years to mature. They have medium to long hair and since they are a natural survival breed may come in any color. They have a protective coat which takes little care as they are self-grooming cats. Everything about the cat should be rounded. They should have round eyes, round head, and a rounded, well muscled body. I have a copy of the TICA show standards included in this faq.

Some individuals that are allergic to cats have shown little or no allergic reaction to the Siberian cats. This is a big plus to cat lovers (or those that live with cat lovers) who are allergic to cats. It is best to ‘try’ the cat/kitten out before making the commitment of purchasing one for this reason. It is best to find a breeder that is close to where you live. I can furnish names, etc. of TAIGA (Siberian Breed Club) members who live in other areas of the USA. On March 23, 2001, the Dallas Morning News ran an article showing both sides of the allergy theory regarding Siberians. While we make no guarantees you will not be affected by them, most people with allergies are fine around Siberians.

This physically affectionate cat has the inherent qualities to become your best of all companions.

From Russia to Texas with Love