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Welcome to our little library. We've collected a variety of articles from the internet to help spread the information on the Siberian Cat. Most we did not write, and because of that we've left the articles the same way we've found them... mistakes and all. Please overlook the typos and enjoy the information behind them.

Siberian Specific

Differences between Siberian Cats, Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon Often confused, easily explained in pictures. This page explains the main differences in a very easy to understand format.

Siberian Cat - The CFA Siberian Breed Club, CFA Siberian Breen Committee and the members of TAIGA got together and created this document explaining a bit of the Siberian history as well as it's characteristics.

Milestones in Siberian History - A look at The Siberian's timeline and it's history in the USA. 

Basic Information - This was our original Siberian Information page, I've kept it though most of the information can be found on other pages.

Differences in the Siberian Breed - Interesting essay about the differences you'll find within the Siberian Breed among different breeders. Written by Russian Irina Sadovnikova, it gives a lot of insight.

The Color of Gold - Defining the shades of Gold within the Siberian breed.

The Story of the Breed: Neva Masquerade - The history behind the colorpoint Siberians.

A Russian Judge's View - A group of Russian Judges got together to discuss the efforts of some breeders and judges to separate the colourpoint Siberians from the main Siberian Cat breed standards.

Dallas Morning News Article (from 3/24/01) - We were really pleased to have our cats (with their new owners) highlighted in this DMN article. It focuses on allergies vs. Siberians.


Declawing Your Cat - An essay by a Veterinarian's Assistant explaining what goes on when you get your cats declawed. It's pretty brutal, but then, so is the operation.

Keeping Cats Indoors - A campaign sponsored by to help educate cat owners about the perils of letting your cats go outside.

New Kitten Guide - A brief guide to help smooth your new kitten's transition into your home

Don't Let Your Cat Think Outside the Box - Originally from, Kim Campbell Thornton explains reasons why cats stray from their litterboxes.

Aggression in Cats - All cats can show agression sometimes, here are a few reasons why and how to react to them.

Recommended Products - People always ask us what products we recommended for their cats, we thought we'd partner with to give you a list of some of our favorite things.