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A Group of Russian Judges View

On 6.12.2001 a meeting of judges, breeders and other representatives of cat fanciers took place in Moscow. The meeting was called on the initiative of the International Committee of Cat Judges. Among those present (35 people) were: 

Mrs. Olga Abramova, WCF Int.Judge 
Mrs. Inna Shustrova, WCF Int.Judge
Mrs. Larisa Ovchinnikova, WCF Int.Judge
Mrs. Olga Mironova, SFF judge
Mr. Alexey Stchukin, TICA/WCF judge
Mr. Vladimir Nechaev, chief editor of "Drug", Russian cat fancy magazine
Mrs. Tatiana Pavlova, Union of Siberian Cat Fanciers.

Breeders representing the following catteries:

Veschiy Son
Losinyi Ostrov
White Night
de Gleimur
Zhemchug Nevy.
Representatives of cat fanciers clubs from Moscow
Omsk and Tomsk

The questions discussed were the origin and development of aboriginal Russian cat breeds, the type and breeding of Siberian cats including Neva Masquerade. The reason for the meeting were the efforts of some breeders and judges to separate the colourpoint from the Siberian breed.As a result of the heated discussion the following resolution was carried: